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Authentic Food & Beverage – Souvenirs, & Packaged

Why us

Tilou Kanawa
is unique

The Tilou Kanawa Enterprises is a unique indigenous business and brand located in the heart of the Kalinago community.

The business comprises of a restaurant which offers a farm to table-type Kalinago culinary experience as well as a souvenir brand.

Our offers

What We offer

Curious? Here are our most popular menu items.

Cassava Tacos

Cassava Pizza

Cassava Burgers


What our Clients Say
There was never a shortage of either drinks or food. People enjoyed themselves
so did I good job.
Great staff....
Great food and
an awesome view in
a cozy environment.
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Our gifts

Our Gift Shop

Curious? Here are our most popular menu items.

Leather keychain

Dominica pen Holder

indiginous shirts and bags